The Trials of Chase Morgan Chapter 2


I stared at Audi seeing she was getting herself worked up to much and we were at work so I had to bring it back around to level ground.

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“I’m working on improving myself right now. Your not interested in bullshiting around anymore I’m not interested in having you dictate to me how my life is going to be so before we get anywhere toward marriage I’m setting the tone for how it’s going to be. I’m running my life and don’t need another mother.. Is that understandable?”

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Audi blinked caught off guard. She tried for a confident smile but it didn’t reach her eyes or body language she was nervous. “I’m not trying to be controlling. I thought the intention was marriage between us when we started dating?”

I stared at her. “I never said it wasn’t. I just said I’m working on improving myself and getting my stuff in order. After, I get a apartment, a car and a ring I’ll talk to your Dad and tell him when we’re getting married until then we don’t have to date. But, if you don’t like the direction of my plan you can find someone else and I’m not bullshiting you. I already told your Dad what I’m doing.”

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Audi stared at me with her mouth wide open like a fish. I put a finger under her chin and gentle closed her mouth. I leaned over gave her kiss on the cheek. “Think about it. I got to go to work. Later.”

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