The Trials of Chase Morgan Chapter 1


That fucking asshole. I knew he was bullshiting me. I waited in the conference room as the managers arrived. It was Green polo shirt day so everybody had on the same kind of green pole T-shirt.

Chase came in with sunglasses on and joking with that Asshole Chad about a scene from Dark City. What the fuck did he see in that boring shity movie.

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Chase nodded to me acknowledging me once before he went back to talking with Chad.

Chase was all cap and purposely fucking with me. For no reason. Kate another new manager sat down next to him to start chating it up on some bullshit.

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The bitch glanced at me purposely giving me a look and quickly looked away back to Chase. Moving in closer to him and smiling up at him pretending to give a fuck about what he was talking about. That bitch wanted some dick. Oh hell no. I had to head this shit off fast.

“Well. Today is going to be a short meeting. It’s really to celebrate our two managers to join up. Chase and Kate. To long over due promotions for our best workers.”

The other veteran managers clapped and hey-fived Chase. He smiled at me giving me a wink and leaned forward in his seat to stare at my chest.

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It didn’t matter what I was wearing his eyes went to my chest or ass first and then my face. I straightened a little thrusting out my chest and stood normal.

“Okay. I want everyone to work hard today to get our numbers up. We’ve been slacking a little because of communication issues and motivation for our package handlers. We’re going to build back up our people and hit it out of the park today. I’m shooting for a 60k in total. Let’s get it. Oh. Chase and Chad I would like a word with both of you please.”

Everyone filed out except for Chase and Chad who approached me. “Chase. Chad here will be your mentor for the next couple days and then hand off unload to you. Follow his advice and watch em. Chad ah could you get unload ready. I have to have a few words with Chase in private.”

“oohkay. Later.” Chad said with a knowing grin. Fucking asshole.

I turned to Chase when Chad was gone. “What the fuck is your deal?”

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