The trials of Chase Morgan Prologue


“I think we should break up! What do you think?” Audi said in a funny way that made me know she was playing games and she was being serious.

Mind you. We were in my parent’s living room looking at dark city on blue ray. I should have known this was coming when she invited herself over to watch the movie with me.

She hated sci fi and weird fun movies. Why the hell were we dating again. Audi’s breast rubbed against my shoulder. I looked at her chest then her glaring face.

“Okay. What is it?” I asked and put the movie on pause.

“There’s a management position going up at work. I think. No. I would like you to consider going for it.”

“What? You tired of being my boss? Or-“

“I want to move into a apartment together. If you apply and don’t get it. We can talk about you finding a higher paying job.”

I grimanced. “You sound like my mother. Okay so if I say no it’s over then right?”

“Yeah. I want you to make something of your life. I want you to move out of your parent’s house and want to get married one day hopefully with you. What do you think?”

I thought she was talking to damn much to my mother. I was glad I didn’t tell her I already applied to the manager job. I was going to get it. I hadn’t really applied for the money or to better myself and all that mature stuff.. I was bored with being a package handler for five years and my Buddy and Boss Chad had convinced me I needed a challenge. I stared at Audi. She really did care about me and wanted the best but then it was just the way she looked at me. I noticed it now. It wasn’t like it had been before. She looked at me like she knew I was going to try to do what I always did.


I didn’t feel like bullshiting anymore. I felt like doing something to shake her up and wipe that disappointed expression on her face. I wanted to show her that she really didn’t know me or how challenging I could be.

I smiled. “I think we should take a break from dating and focus on improving ourselves.”

Warm regards



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