Blowing her out from the back….

Now. My brother just discovered the term and now he says it all the fucking time when’s listening to his stories about females getting their back ends blown out so here’s my poem.

A shity day….

Jasmine arrives home. In a huff. She’s in one of her moods. I have covid and I’m sitting in my chair smoking a junt in my black robe. Rebone by childish Gambino is playing on my phone and Bluetoothed to my speaker system.

“MOTHER FUCKING BITCH!” She starts screaming not seeing yet seeing me in the living room. She most have gotten fired again.

I watch her stomp around. Her jeans were tight and making her ass look like it’s looking. Hmm.

Jasmine finally notices me and glares at me. “You get fired too?”

I shook my head. “I went to get checked. I got covid. The boss gave me two weeks paid leave. Why are you looking so good?”

Jasmine glares at me. “You got covid? Damn it. Now I have to see if I got it too.”

I shrugged. “Before we do any of that. Do you want your back blown out with a honeycomb surprise?”

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Jasmine flinched and stared at me. “What the actual fuck? Matt. What the fuck is a honeycomb surprise?”

“My buddy Dixon Beeboy at work told me how to do it. I bought some honey today for the occasion. It just involves you naked on your stomach screaming and bowl of warm honey but you can’t ask anything else. You’ll have to be blindfolded too. So your ready to go?”

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Jasmine stared at me. “Matty. I-I your trying to make me feel better but I-I need to find a job right away. The bills-“

“I didn’t ask you about the bills that’s my business. I asked if you ready to go woman. You ready or not? I got to go get the honey.” I said getting up.

Jasmine started moving to the bed room. “I got to take a shower first. I’ll be quick. I promise.” She said hurrying to the bedroom bathroom.

Oh. Their married. Does that help?

Warm regards



2 thoughts on “Blowing her out from the back….

  1. I find this amusing for some reason. I like the casual determination of the male lead, turning a negative into a positive.

    However the woman seems unlikable. You’ve got to take things in stride in life. Complaining, or whining, about them isn’t going to help matters. I like people who can take a punch. Sometimes literally.

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    • I’m glad you found a emusing. I laugh my ass off every time I read the title or read a bit of it. I love the contrasts. An Opportunity maker with a positive outlook and a complaining female who finally gets in line when she realizes her back is about to blow out by dominant man.


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