I’ll be your huckleberry…

Strange as it might seem. I am a positive kinda guy. I rarely get pissed the fuck off. I like a joke or a good laugh. I rarely got smoke for anyone but when I do….

A part of me enjoys the moment I got smoke. I got an itch to cook someone. Nothing more invites a smile for the thrill in the moment is when someone offers the challenge or is looking for the right one to step up into ring.

Some times it’s a shit head. Some times it’s the government. Some times it’s life in general but I have a saying. A borrowed saying. I’m happy to say has now become a culture theme of the modern era…..

I’ll be your huckleberry.

Warm regards



3 thoughts on “I’ll be your huckleberry…

  1. Sometimes I get in a profoundly dark mood. Everything pisses me off, then. Even slight noises can get to me.

    Fortunately, this doesn’t describe who I am most of the time. Most of the time I’m even-keel.

    Interesting description of yourself, though.

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    • Hmm. It’s weird. I never thought it much until I started blogging and examining myself and those weird moments that make me itchy for a fight or challenge especially when someone brings one to me.


      • Yeah, I’m learning more about myself thru blogging. Lots of shee-it coming bubbling to the fuck’n surface, it just seems there’s a lot down there, suppressed, you know, not unlocking, not moving. Even the continents drift.

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