I think I might be going through a identity crisis?

I’m debating this consently. Who is the real me? Am I the bard of the interwebs or am I secretly a Sigma whose allergic to money?

You see. I have to advance at the day job. To get the bag so I can earn enough money so people will stop watching my mother fucking pocket.

Sure. I have shit I want to buy but the thought of shopping and paying shit I don’t need always gives me pause to ask. Who the fuck said shopping for anything was fun?

Okay. I do suck at shopping. I’m bad at it and I would rather buy food or play video games in between reading and writing on the blog and the host of other writing projects I have to get done.

Writing and stories. That’s been the theme for 30 plus years of my writing habits and life.

I got to pursue the bag though in any event I need funds for my book projects.

Warm regards



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