Texas Winter at present…allergies are kicking my ass.

I’m feeling that cool breeze just short of freezing air in the time space I’m in. For the moment time is running slow threw my fingers.

I cough in weird moments and I got a mucous in my throat waiting to jump out. Just a month ago.. I wasn’t having this problem. The cold weather has always done this to me.

The first taste of the winter season always feels like a glass of cool water in my mouth, going down my throat and refreshing to my soul.

But, then the down side. The cold is always looking to bring out or cause a weird reaction in me when time slows, Coughing begins and sneezing follows and I don’t feel sick overall. Just weirded out or suprised by a sudden urge for spring to come in already and save me from this winter cold blues.

Warm regards



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