I’m trying to understand C-unit’s growing rage at KB and Ceno. One element comes to my discovery the LeBron factor?

Not much has happened between KB and C-unit. KB is cool about it. C-unit still got some smoke for KB.

Even worse his jokes are fallen flat and his piss poor justifying his heat for KB don’t make sense. Why in the fuck should C-uint still give a shit about some disagreement or argument between two dudes that know each other just because it’s public.


The questions. Why all the bullshit over some indirect bullshit.

Enter the LeBron factor….

It’s basketball season. I don’t care about sports in general but I like hearing people who have joy for the game go into teams they like and hate.

Ceno is into the sports world deep and enjoys making videos about his favorite past time. Trashing LeBron James.

This season is a delight for Ceno. LeBron is an old dude still playing the game on a weird team of old timers past their premium condition. Their losing a lot. Ceno makes comedy play by play gold jokes about LeBron and the Lakers.

KB is a fan of LeBron but can see his point about the fuck ups going on with the Lakers.

C-unit is pissed the fuck off at Ceno for hating on LeBron and he mad at KB. Why KB too? Well C-uint has a slight self pity with a side of Jack Daniel’s dislike for white people and shit kicking cow boys.

What the fuck does that have to do with KB (who is a black dude) you might ask. KB bought a Versace red robe and wore it at his home in a video. This upset C-uint’s black pride & prejudice heart a bit.


You have to understand a black dude wearing a Versace robe made by some white dude is a betrayal to all black people sense, Jesus Christ walked on the earth.

Now. If your thinking Jesus Christ never existed? Not only are you a dumbass that missed the point of why racism is retarded but go fuck yourself.

Warm regards


P. S.

C-uint is a real person. I think?!


2 thoughts on “I’m trying to understand C-unit’s growing rage at KB and Ceno. One element comes to my discovery the LeBron factor?

  1. KB can be a fan of whoever he likes. Personally, I wish I had more joy at watching sports on TV like most guys do. I can’t get into it. I try. I’d rather play sports than watch them, but you have to put effort into joining teams and right now I’m “on my purpose” as you’d put it.

    Weird, that rivalry between them, though.

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