Books that mind fucked me: God is a bullet by Boston Teran

Look the shit up. Some fuckers even made the shit into a movie.

Short hand version. The story takes place during Christmas because why not fuck with the reader all the more. Bob’s daughter is kidnapped by some people at his ex-wife’s house. Ex-wife and her husband are butchered and murdered. No leads. Only the idea of the dudes that did the deed being Satanist. Bob goes on the hunt.

I rate the book M-1911. Do not read the shit unless your over the age of the Disney Channel level.

Now. This not a review. This is my thoughts on the author’s understanding of evil. It is correct. The author totally understands the nature of human evil and how any decent God-fearing man should react to it with bullets and newly dug grave site.

Evil needs good men to be cowardly beta bitches.

Real evil isn’t like anything you would see in a soft ass binary moral movies like star wars or hunger games.

It is deception, unchecked desire and fear.

Deception. This is bigger then you think. You can’t fight this. Your one man. Just give up. There is no hope. You are a beta bitch.

Unchecked desires: A shitbag taking a child and using her as a means for his every desire. He is fearless in his rejection of any standard. He has no chill or respect for anything. He is controlled by his desires.

Fear: Nothing is going to happen to me. I can do anything I want to anyone I want. Please just don’t do anything. All I have to do is keep it quiet. They won’t find out. They won’t do anything to me.

Reality. God isn’t a bullet. The sons of God just need a lot of them to do the Lord’s work of removing shitbags.

Warm regards



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