Goble dumbass neo 🤡 war theories: Kazakhstan back key into Mother Russian’s war bedroom.

Here’s the story from hellmouth news

The short hand.

A social and political uprising in a little country that is a shoe horn throw from Mother Russia. The U.S Empire happens to be friends with Kazakhstan the little country that is close enough to Russia to make you wonder.

Russia along with it’s allies come in to handle the situation before anyone else could get involved…who else would get involved?

The U. S. Empire of course.

Now. Here’s the question. Why should Americans realistically care about the problems in another smaller country? Most Americans don’t even care about the political problems in Mexico let alone France. Why?

This shit reminds me of 2009, and another situation were the U.S. was watching another country’s uprising for reasons. Again no direct involvement but their was indirect involvement called Twitter and such.

The U. S. Empire cares because for some reason it is friends with a country that borders mother Russia. Sure the Empire could help the country. How? Invite Kazakhstan in to NATO.

Hmm. Fucking hell. Anyway,

One thing is for sure my dude. There is a strong possibility that Ben Shepiro is going to Jenkintown with thoughts of the u.s going to war with Mother Russian at last.

Warm regards



2 thoughts on “Goble dumbass neo 🤡 war theories: Kazakhstan back key into Mother Russian’s war bedroom.

  1. The U.S. Empire is craftily designed. It maintains its official status as a “Republic” but it deploys more bases around the world than any empire in history. Eat your cake and get to keep it too.

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