The type of games that hock me. The reason for my drive.

I’m gamer much like most dudes now a days. I’m not into a lot of games but for the most part if something hocks me I have to play it until I win or get my way to the top.

The current games I enjoy now are blogging, writing and strategy for getting the bag. Other then that I play video games.

I really don’t see a difference between blogging with the goal of 2mil readers and strategies for getting a protecticular bag.

I see all of this shit as a game I’m interested in. The money or resources will come later once my level of blogging and writing has reached a level were people find the most value in reading my content. Either that or my investments will start paying out more.

Now again. Am I doing this for the money? Hell no. Oh hell nawww!

I simple can’t stop. I can’t quit until I’m dead, I reach my goal or I lose interest but writing/blogging is a long RPG for me. I started at level -10 at 11 years old. I have long way to go before I get where I want to be but I see myself reaching a high level in blogging in less then 20 years.

The rapper/business man 50 cent said it best “I’m going to get rich or die trying.”

Only a die hard gamer would say that. It’s the saying of a person that is determined to compete at the top level with the goal to win or level up faster then the other dude.

I’m not looking to buy a big house or expensive car as the end goal. I really want to be better then my previous self, more entertaining then the dude that doesn’t give a fuck and more determined to be a blogger/writer who stands out among the millions of bloggers and writing voices of my generation.

This requires me to level up. I’m playing to be at the top of my game. So I have to put in the work. I have put out the content if I want to win.

Lastly, I got a old notebook of my writing when I was a kid. I can barely read the poetry I wrote down or the short stories but I use that as a marker for level -10. I look at 2021 on the blog and see level 25.

2million is what I’m aiming for. I’ll get there or die competing in the game I have enjoyed for my entire life. But, in the mean time I’m also trying to think of strategies for getting the bag as a mini game.

What games are you interested in?

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2 thoughts on “The type of games that hock me. The reason for my drive.

  1. I want to have sons and I do not want to pay for them.

    I want to be a published writer and I do not want my face tagged onto the works. It is useful now but only because blogging is so personal and I want the chicks to get wet.

    Games. What other games… hmm…

    Unlike you, I want money. There is a saying if you are good at something you should be paid for it. On the other hand, like you, I am practicing to improve. I need to get better and better. This is a compulsive, OCD-type shit deal with me. I need to get better more than I need the money. Like you say,the one will come when the other does first.

    A toast to whoever reaches his goal(s) first!

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