The desire to compete, dominante and win vs self pity with a side Jack Daniel’s.

It comes down to these two versus match up. A lot of people like to point toward the phantom Mr. R. The racist. It’s all cap though.

What spot are you tired of sitting in? How much are you willing to compete to get to a better spot?

Some dudes try to cheat by robbing and stealing resources or lives all to what end? To live in the same spot either in your mind or physical realm.

Some dudes make excuses for why they don’t want to compete. To be the best. Well it’s just to hard. It’s to much work to put in.

Yeah. It is hard. Yeah. It takes more work and effort to compete at the top level and maintain your stride. The best don’t go crusie mode. They keep their foot steady on the gas because they haven’t got time for self pity. They push it consently toward excellence.

No gamer wants to be stuck on level one for 50 years. No avid chess player doesn’t dream of advancing in rank in skill and knowledge in the game.

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4 thoughts on “The desire to compete, dominante and win vs self pity with a side Jack Daniel’s.

    • I don’t know the born inside me stuff. I was a beta bitch for most of my life but I’m gamer. I like to play certain games and level up to the highest level possible along the way to possibly winning or moving on to something more challenging. I don’t give up.


      • I do not know if I was a beta bitch. In some ways I must have been. I could have got a lot more girlfriends and
        one-up lays than I did so that says beta bitch right there. But on the other hand that would have diverted me
        from my goals. It is entirely possible I would have dropped out of high school at age 13 and moved in
        with a grown woman who would have taken care of me in return for romantic and sexual favors. I am not
        joking with you. Of course, over time I would have gained the controlling hand. Today I just wrote an entry
        about bitches and the pimp hand you need with them. Check it out.

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    • Honestly it’s my personality and the shit I had to go through in life. I don’t know how to give up. That’s not good or bad. The only thing that has stopped me from leveling up in a particular game is loss of interest really.

      There’s nothing more that encourages me to be better at a game then someone saying..”Your not good enough. Your strong enough. ” All I can say by my actions is “watch me bitch. I’ll show you how it’s done.”

      I’m weird. Most normal people just give up at a little push back.


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