Origin stories swimming in my head for next month and updates on Cyberpunk dreams lore…

I’m half and half on a origin story I want to do for Cyberpunk dreams for a character I like that keeps popping up in stories but in general I don’t want to do it.

So, I’m going to cheat. Hint. I’m taking a page from one of Van Damme movies set in the near future.

Updates for Cyberpunk dreams. I’m going to make a map of the realm of Cyberpunk dreams and put it in all the future series of books that will follow.

I use the word realm intentionally because technically speaking the word fits more. There is not much to the realm of Cyberpunk dreams but the city state of Newark, the Out lands, farms and intersecting realm borders or multi-universes under the domain of the dimension aliens that exist outside of normal space time. The dragons domains.

I have to map this out.

I have been thinking on having a Cyberpunk dreams website for all the content but then Cyberpunk dreams is still just one of my story series. I still have a lot of other series I want to publish.

Warm regards



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