The let’s go Brandon thing…hmm

I finally gave a damn and Googled what the fuck it meant. I know but I ways being serious when I said I don’t give a damn about politics. I discovered that the saying is code lingo for….


I can’t my dude. Let’s go Brandon! or Let’s go Brando!

It’s a tame rythorical cherry 🍒 bomb attack on a old pimp cocain democrat who in his hey day remembers putting the blacks in prison cells instead of board rooms.

This decrepit crept keeper corpse deserves much better.


Remember the days we respected the presidency? Bitch please. Thank the pimp cocain democrats/media who brought a end to that lie.

I see news articles of Nascar and every other sellout American company trying to protect the crept keeper and chief and I’m thinking to late my dude. I ain’t respecting it because deep down neither do you.

Some people rock with the King of the crept and leader of the goble dumbasses. They don’t want their dude mucked T-Money had to take it along with the hints and out right threats of assassination.

Beta bitch Biden doesn’t get a free pass. Well unless it’s to beta bitch Heaven where beautiful females want em and don’t turn their noses up at the scent of weakness and no balls.

Ultra combo wordsmith finisher.

Warm regards



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