Uncle No goods lessons about life. Always check em up on IG.

Nephew Tommy visits his Uncle at his Grandmother’s house on the day he got out of prison.

I come into Uncle No Good’s his room. He is smoking a cigarette and watching Porno on his phone before he turns it off and waves me to a seat in front of him.

“What’s happening Unc?” I said and slap hands into a shake.

“What’s good my guy? Take a seat I got words for ya. Have a seat.”

I frown but shrug and have a seat. Unc gives me steady gaze. “I hear from the Street you fuckin with trouble.”

I shake my head. “I ain’t into no criminal shit or otherwise. What you talking about? Who heard it from?”

Unc gives me frown leaning back in his seat. “I heard it from The Street. He should know. He’s your daddy. What you into with this 5’9 shorty with a nice ass. She sound like trouble to me.”

“Mira?! She’s my girlfriend. She ain’t trouble. She going to school to be a nursing assistant. We been going together sense high-school. Hell I’m going to marry her after college.”

Unc nodded his head. “Yeah. That’s the trouble. What’s this bullshit about marriage and shit? We don’t do marriage any time we do we get divorced. The only reason your Momma and The Streets is together after twenty years is because they didn’t get married at all.”

I rolled my eyes folded my arms across my chest. “Big Momma and Poppa Joe was married for years besides all that my girl and me are down solid. I want to be married.”

“Holy fucking shit. How well do you know this chick?” Unc asked pointedly.

I stared at him. “Sense high-school. Why?”

Unc sighed and held his phone out to me. I shook my head. “I ain’t into porn let alone watching with another dude in the room.”

“It’s on IG. Look.” He said slapping his phone in my hand. I looked and stared at a still video image of Mira. She was fully spread out with cat face bikini crutch and her fat tits bare with stars on the nipples. It wasn’t the only photos or still image videos.

“This isn’t her IG account.” I said.

“It’s another one. A private invitation account.” Unc said softly. “Sorry, Tommy”

“How did you find this shit out?”

Unc shrugged. “It’s what I learned to do in the pin. I find shit out.”

“Okay. Maybe I need to reconsider things but you can’t fuck her or I’ll beat your ass.” I said handing him his phone.

Unc was staring at me. “You really love her?”

I shook my head. “Past tense. Well at least I know now. How many photos and videos does she have.”

Unc shook his head. “Enough. I could set you up with a girl.”

I shook my head. “No thanks. I’ll just focus on my career. Right now that it’s over between us.” I said.

“Damn. Your really hurt about this. Now I got to fix you up with a girl now.” He said.

I smiled. “Thanks for the thought but really. I’m fine. I got to go.” I said and got up as Unc started dialing a number on his phone.

“Streets. Let me run an idea by you.”

Ah shit.I left the room closing the door behind me as I left.

Warm regards


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