A word from the Silent generation of unvaxxed..

General thoughts

Everything. Everything changed in two years time. Though we really didn’t understand it at the time. In some ways we went with the flow of the changes but we were unwilling to only so far.

The one’s that saw it coming…

Around late 2019 the fuck I know when. I started reading reports of how people in Europe were handling it. The normies didn’t know shit about it because the news didn’t tell them yet and this way before Corona was weaponized by the democrats and then the media and then at large. You got to understand the people over seas were handling it like normal people. The fear shit hadn’t been put into people’s hearts. This was before the boot was on our necks yet and before the boot lickers were screaming at people for not wearing a mask in your own backyard.


We’re on Omacron now with four vaxx shots and a booster. Hmm. Nobodiy knows or asks me if I took the shots or a booster. People make a lot of assumptions on their own. They don’t give you shit if you quiet for the most part. It’s the mask shit that really makes um go crazy. Hmm. It’s really not so bad right. Well when you’re in one of the few free states in the union.

Warm regards



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