Battle on the road, Fire, Lightning and Ice elements clash at the first meeting Chapter 6 A CORPOS COMEBACK STORY


The lightning baby’s storm rage around us on the road as we raced on ahead. We started to catch with the bandits that drove strange vehicles made of what looked like Ice and snow.

Their rig was hauling as toward what could only be a rip in the realms. Suddenly one their two defenders raced back toward me gunning his engine to…..

“Shit. He’s going to ram us. Move.” Cyrus said speaking my thoughts as I turned my wheel a sharp right to evade the Ice crusier but he followed me. He was going to hit me.

Lightning raced toward the cruiser smashing into it and haunting it’s movement. I saw Owen on his cycle racing toward the cruiser holding his lightning sword out him firing it at the cruiser.

I raced on trying to head up on the rig before it crossed into the other realm. I saw the Ice cruiser roll down his window and stick out his hand. A second later a blast of Ice came from his hand firing at Owen.

Owen dodged to the right dropping his blaster as he worked to avoid the element. The cruiser came at us then from a sharp right angle. I could see Swan racing to help me.

Shit. I got on my CB radio. “Swan. Get your ass on ahead and stop that Rig before he crosses over. I can handle this fucker. Go.”

“On it.” Swan said racing on ahead.

I kept gunning my engine foward. “Wolf. Fire shots out your-“

“The Judge’s got it.” Cyrus said pointing to Owen as he raced forward to the Ice. His helmet visor was down and he was firing fire element from his eyes at the Ice cruiser driving it away from us.

“How did Goldy convinced that asshole to help me?”

I shook my head. “He’s not the Judge.”

“Bullshit. Whatever Bad ass you know that rides a bike and has fire element dragon eyes?”

I shook my head racing toward the rig. Swan had caught up to it and was Tomahawk was firing at the wheels.

I shook my head. “Bran Rife doesn’t swing a lightning sword. That’s Sigma. What the hell is he doing here helping us for free?”

“Who is Sigma?” Cyrus asked.

“The third ranked Fixer of your generation. Owen Sigma.”

“Holy shit. The Fixer.”

Warm regards


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