Honestly, my competition is 2021.

Again, Thank you for the likes. Thanking for the support. I’m going to keep saying it because I mean it. I started out this year with net zero readers. I’m pushing on into the next month with more then enough likes and support to know I have to get better and what I’m doing is working so far but 2021 was tame..

I learned something though. Discipline. No. A high level of expectation I have for myself as a blogger and writer requires more work and effort though this can hold true for any professional career you seek to master.

If I want more then I have to work more and focus is key. I’m shooting for a goal with this blog and writing in general. 2 million readers and a professional career as a writer or content producer. 200k income.

I’m gearing up to write and blog more. My competition is 2021 Guardiandogg. The podcast is on holiday. I’m going to pick it up when I can put more energy and funds in it. I’m not slowing down I’m speeding up and leveling up.

This isn’t some bullshit new years resolution because this shit is already achievable. I just to put in the work and focus. But, now I’m competing with myself now. 2021 metrics are in the the thousands 2022 I’m shooting for a million.

My business is writing and there is always something to write about or some story I can generate with brainstorming.

Warm regards



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