The Great debate 2…

Moderator: Thank you both for returning again for another debate the first question is. Should a man who finds his wife in the act of cheating in his house, divorce and leave her with a paper bag or try to seek counseling and forgive her. Female, you first?”

Female. Okay. I think the answer is subjective. It depends on the man and how strongly he feels about his relationship with her. In your story does the man have kids with his wife?”

Moderator. No. She wanted to wait to have kids because her career was more important. Is that helpful?”

Female. Ah yeah. My answer remains the same.

Moderator. Man what is your response to my question.

Man. If he has a prenup and a good lawyer I think he should dump her ass as quickly as possible. She’s a disrespectful fucking loser. That being said if he has a reason for staying with her then he should lay out the frame work for what her ass has to do to get in line or be kicked the fuck out. Next question please.

Female. Ah. I-

Moderator. Next question is….if a woman finds out her husband has a whore on the side with kids should she divorce him or seek counseling? Man you first.

Man. The woman will divorce him and take his shit and never let him see his kids again.

Female. He didn’t answer the question.

Moderator. Man. Please give me your opinion on what the wife should do.

Man. 1. She should find out if it’s true or not. 2. She should ask her husband about it. 3. If she thinks the marriage is worth saving then they should seek counseling.

Moderator. Female what do you think?”

Female. I think the man is being to reasonable on the account of the husband’s benefit. I think the wife and husband should separate, get counseling and if it doesn’t work out they should divorce and split everything 50/50.

MModerato. Man do you have a rebuttal?

Man. The wife will divorce him and take all his shit. Go whoring until she is 48 and then die alone with 50 cats. Next question please.

Female. That’s not fair or right.

Man. I don’t give a damn. It’s reality. Next question please.

Moderator. The final question is…Should a man kick the shit out of a woman attempting to kill his baby boy?

Female. Yes.

Man. Yes.

Moderator. Female wins by saying the correct answer first. Thank you and good night.

Warm regards



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