Talk is cheap. Actions will cost you something.

I believe it and I experienced it. It’s easy to talk tough. It’s easy to say pretty words or stick your chest out like it means something after saying some shit that’s worth a bitch slap.

I’m not a talkative guy in real life because I have a gift with words that has gotten me in to some shit. Plus, I don’t like to bullshit all the time nor do I like dudes that bullshit all the fucking time.

Words. Words aren’t supposed to be cheap. I generally believe when a man talks, his words should be heard as authentic and real without a trace of cheap quality. This isn’t reality for the most part so I speak little and weigh my words and the cost I will have to pay if an action is required of me because of something I say.

I mean what I say and I say what I mean. There is a cost to that because it requires actions.

I say all this to say…..

You can tell how much shit an asshole gets into by the mere fact he can’t ever shut the fuck up when his boss needs him to nod and say, Yes. I understand. It won’t happen again.

Warm regards



4 thoughts on “Talk is cheap. Actions will cost you something.

  1. …was always told that I did not kno how to perform in a work environment; which is euphemistically saying do no when to keep mAh mouth shut¡
    But if I do not hold it down, ain’t nobody¿
    I mean…ain’t shit sweet!

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  2. Oh. The first part. Do you know when to keep your mouth closed. Generally if your doing your thing showing up on time. Coming in with a mindset that I’m here to work and get the bag and not cause trouble I’ve found you don’t run into trouble. The bosses value a hard worker who isn’t about giving people bullshit.

    However, if there is a situation where you have to speak up for yourself I believe you do so in a professional way and not in a way that makes you appear like a talkative beta bitch trying to run a con.


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