Competition. Dominace games. The need to assert yourself and be a dominant bad ass…

It’s the thing that separates the beta bitch from the dominant bad ass. The need to assert yourself as a man and dominant the game your engaged in by skill, work effort and force of will.

Why do men lose sleep from working and striving to be the best at their chosen vocation? Why do they put in 60 plus hours at something just to make a dollar more or a hundred dollars more.




There might some truth to it. But, I don’t think so anymore. Why?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. still want to fight?

Having done all he wanted and achieved the 💰, fame and respect it still isn’t enough. The need to compete, to dominate is still there.

It can’t be just greed alone. The will to win, to be respected to be at the top forms the way a man lives his life and shows in his attitude whether his head is in the game or the game is being played on him.

A man must be, he has to be a dominant bad ass for sure.

Warm regards



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