Nostalgia 🐇 hole of Spiderman Homecoming and Matrix 4 (Why the fuck do I exist) Revelations

What do these movies have in common? They’re both riddled with Nostalgia for the past and a feeling…

Remember when….

Now. I have no interest in seeing either for the same reason. If your going to try to remind me of something else don’t bother.

I don’t give a fuck.

I think it’s safe to say that Nostalgia is now a movie genre right now.


I don’t have anything against Spiderman homecoming. Fuck Matrix 4. Spiderman homecoming reminds me of two things I don’t like…

  1. 1. Marvel shitting the bed and rebooting everything making nothing that happened in the past count for a long narrative stance. 2. Remember when we gave a fuck about being entertaining instead of pissing on masculinity and shitting on the hero’s story and calling it high art?

Yeah. Nostalgia is now a genre. That means instead of rebooting older movies with new crappie stories they make new crap with echoes of the past footage, bad jokes and Aunt May now identifies as a pink mini Cooper deceptacon with bunny ear headlights.

Days gone to the fucking dogs

Warm regards



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