Has the Bard Of Avon truly gone? No. There is a song yet in this 21st century for the Bard of the interwebs to sing.

Excuse me. But today is a joyous day. A day to remember so an honor of Red. I will forgo my 21st century lyrical Urban tongue and go back to my origin of sorts.

The bard of Avon.

How much the twin soul and personality we fit together like storm and rain.

I wonder in this strange land. I feel it. The strangeness of my poetic soul’s form. I live in reserve and capture the pose of the day to taste and to entertain.

Much in the way my soul song bird language kin would do. So I do. I have a need to entertain. I have a desire to feed and be feed mutual satisfied engagement of the moment that will we adore in common.

To read and speak a loud the words of our ancestors. The words of the song bird language. So do speak these words a loud. So do smile for the day is here. Breath in the breathe of it and laugh for we made it with laughter, songs and poetry my friends. Thank you for the ride.

Now. Listen. Listen. I can hear the arrival of an adventure coming in eight days from now. For the ride doesn’t end.

Warm regards



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