Guns, Swords, trucks and cruisers. Chapter 3 A CORPOS COMEBACK STORY


We were six hours out of the city and three more to go until we reached the CP-98 shipment and food supplies when I saw trouble coming up behind us in my back camera video screen. I got on my radio. “Swan. We got fuckers coming up on our back door. You and Owen push em off the road before they start-“

A shot was fired close to my side mirror.

“Fucking hell.” Cyrus yelled out.

“Son of a bitch. Swan, move your ass!” I spoke in to the radio.

I saw Swan in his black battle crusier up ahead do a u-turn and head back down the road in the direction of our enemies. Owen flew fast down the road to join him.

“Fucking hell. We’re not even close to the farm and that bitch is already on our asses.” Cyrus cursed in frustration.

I shook my head. “It may not be her. A lot of fuckers out in the out lands are always looking to start shit and to cause mayham. This is only the beginning. We’ll get this shit done. We ain’t got no choice but to push on.”

Cyrus sighed. “Your right. I just feel like a damn fool for telling that bitch about the contract. Swan told me she would fuck me over I just didn’t think she would bring my son in between our bullshit.”

I nodded my head knowing how he felt as a father and a man. “One thing at a time. We finish the job then you got to figure out what to do about your situation with your boy and his mother.”

“Do!? I’m taking my son back. She got him involved in her fucking schemes and gods knows what else. He’s not going to be caught up in her bullshit criminal schemes. He’s got a clean record and smooth track to becoming a corpo one day. I just need to form a corporation for him to take hold of but my Jon isn’t cut out for that shit. He’s got a good heart and I plan for it to stay that way.”

“Looks like you got a strong start with forming a corporation with this job when we get it done.” I said.

Cyrus blinked and then nodded his head slowly. “I didn’t think of that. I was to busy and worried getting this job set up fast to make sure he got the CP-98 supply but your right.. Yeah. I could set it up for him fast after the credits I get from this job and my fight. I can gain my corpo status back and get my patrach status to claim him. It will be enough to set him up right with a start. Thank you.”

I listened to his words marking how he wanted the corpo status for his son’s future. It was two points in his favor.

We heard an explosion and more gun fire behind us.

“I got it Bro.” Swan said over the radio.

I didn’t have a doubt otherwise.

Warm regards


P. S.

We ain’t done yet son


Swan raced on a head with Tomahawk firing off shots from the side window with his P-22 at a silver blue battle crusier racing at him in a game of chicken. While another cruiser came at them at ramming speed on the side.

Fuck that.

I raced toward the ramming cruiser while Swan went on a head. Return fire was coming at me from the side passenger but I was able to dodge most of rounds while my body armor blocked the rest. I waited until I was close enough took out my sword and sliced into the crusier’s side like butter taking out the tires and marking up the side bringing the vehicle to a stop. I smelled gas and took off as the crusier exploded behind me.

I looked to see more trouble coming at the wolf down the road. I had to move and left Swan to handle the silver blue crusier. I couldn’t let the little wolf down. We had to get this shit done.

Warmest regards



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