Shit just got real! Let’s go! Chapter 1 PUNCH! A CORPOS COMEBACK STORY


I knocked on Wolf’s backstage door. The door opened and Cyrus looked at me and Swan before he stepped aside to let us inside.

We walked inside and he closed the door. He looked at Swan. “Is Goldy okay?”

Swan frowned and then blinked. “No. No. It’s about your boy.”

Cyrus frowned. “What’s going on?”

I handed him my detapad and brought up a freeze frame video of his son Jon in a closed in space with a wolf 🐺 T-shirt.

Cyrus hit play.

“Don’t lose the fight. Mom isn’t going to do the deal. She and her boyfriend are planning on taking the CP-98 shipment and selling it themselves. You have to get to the shipment first or she’ll hold-off selling it to the dregs in the summer at a higher cost. Don’t lose. You can’t lose.”

The video stopped and Cyrus looked up at me. “What the hell is this? Why is my son sending messages to you?”

I stared at him. “Goldy runs your fan club site. Your son sent a message to her asking her to get you the video because his mother was screening his detapad for messages to you. Listen we need to move. Can you cancel this fight so we can get on the road to head off those fuckers before they get the shipment?”

Cyrus shook his head looking down at his son’s face. “I have to fight or my coach will be a sued and my word broken. I’ll have to end this fight fast and head out fast to do the run myself. I can’t believe she got him into this shit. He’s twelve years old. Damn her.”

I shook my head. “Your not doing it alone. I’m your driver. Swan will be our defender and you’ll be my wing man. I also have another man already on the way to help us out on the road.”

Cyrus stared at me. “Who are you?”

I held out my hand. “I’m Jason Warrior Goldy’s Daddy and your driver that’s all you need to know.”

Cyrus took my hand and nodded. “If your Goldy’s family that’s good enough for me. Now excuse me. I have a fight to win.” He said.

I watched the change come over him then as his eyes lit with the lightning baby’s gift and a ghost of a smile formed on his lips that reminded me of his name sake. Cy. The heavy metal dragon.. Now, I could see why she had elected him to join our pack but he still had to be tested to see if he was a true warrior with the spirit of a Nomad in this young corpo.

Warm regards


P. S.

Time to turn this shit up to 11!


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