Uncomfortable conversations and two offers of help. 4th Prelude to PUNCH! A CORPOS COMEBACK STORY

4 of 5 Prelude


I was close to getting something together. It took me seven weeks and three big ticket fights but had gotten it half way done.. Coach had put me on a month long break just in time. I had bought a commercial truck and got the permission from the transportation corpos and the contract from Archer 🏹 Inc to do the run. I just needed a driver and defender with a battle crusier to protect the truck from bandits and competitors to Archer 🏹 Inc that would steal the CP-98 and sell it at bigger a market value.

I needed a corpo with contacts to a Fixer that could arrange I pick up offer. I had an idea of who to go to but I didn’t want to talk to the bitch. I didn’t know what the hell response I would get from her.

I needed advice. I went to the tattoo warrior shop hoping to find Goldy and talk with her about it. She wasn’t there but I did find however Swan to my surprise working on a customer’s arm. I thought he had left the city for travel season.

I got a lot of warm greetings from everyone at the shop. Swan smiled at me waving me over to a seat near him. I came over and sat down.

“Look, like you got problems brother. Tell me about em. Maybe I can help or at least point you in a good direction.”

I smiled at him. “Yeah. A bit of problems. You hear about the transportation chain being down for the spring?”

Swan frowned but nodded. “Yeah. I heard. What about it?”

“Well. My son and host of other people need a drug called Cp-98 to come in on time or a whole shit storm will happen and people including my boy will get real sick.”

Swan nodded glancing at me. “What you need to fix the problem brother. Just name it.”

I smiled shaking my head. “I’m almost done fixing it as best as I can. I got a truck and the contract for the job. All I need is a driver and a high priced defender to act as defense against shit bags on the road that will try to steal it up scale the price before it reaches the city in time. I only know one corpo that might have contacts to getting me the best driver and defender I can get on this short of time.”

Swan frown pausing in his work. “You talking about Goldy?”

I blinked in surprise. “No. Goldy isn’t officially a corpo anymore just like me. She couldn’t help me. No. I meant. My ex-wife.” I said.

Swan stared at me. “The bitch that stole your family company, The bitch that won’t let you see your kid because of some bullshit corpo laws and taught your son to disrespect you? That corpo bitch. You think she’ll help you?”

Damn it. Even the sound of talking to Gwen Murphy again sent a chill down my spine. I shook my head though. “No. She would see me in hell first. She’ll help her own son though. I don’t have to do much to convince her.”

Swan stared at me. “Yet, you haven’t gone to her already. Why is that? Do you just hate her? Is it pride?”

“I don’t trust. She fucked me over once and she changed my son’s last name just to fuck with me while I was in the pin. I know she’ll try to fuck me over but if it gets my son the medicine he needs-“

“Fuck that wishful thinking. Your son needs the medication but he also needs his father alive and to respect you.” Swan shook his head. “You got me and every kind of man in the dregs with a kid that needs that medicine willing to help you for free. Just one word from you is all we need.”

“Damn. Straight.” Said the man Swan was tattooing.

I stared at them. “Alright. But, I have to talk with her first and see if it’s possible she can see the best interests of her son.”

Both men shook their heads. Swan stared at me. “It’s a dead end. If that bitch can see an angle to fuck you over she will. I know her type. Don’t agree to shit unless it’s in writing or if it seems to easy. I’ll be ready when you need me and I’ll get you a defender for free on me. I can manage it.”

Damn. That’s the best news I’ve heard in all this shit. “Thank you.”

Warm regards



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