Signs of trouble and The Wolf is born. 3rd Prelude to PUNCH! A corpos comeback story.

3 of 5 prelude


I just wanted the fight to be a good one. I had to prove myself and mark the event as something the owner of EMP fighting corpo Jim Morrisson would be able to market upward to the public. Coach Grayson justed wanted me to focus on winning but the business side of this all ran through my mind as I took the walk from the locker room with the rest of the small time event fighters.

We were the pre-fight show before the main event tonight with the real champions. That’s what I was aiming for becoming a champion to gain the credits to buy into a franchise and earn my way back to corpo status. It was only then I could stand in the eyes of the law as fit pratrach corpo.

“You need to get your head in the game.” Coach told me noticing my mind was drifting. He glared at me as he walked with me to the main event arena.

I nodded and was silent. I couldn’t though. I needed every fight to count to my business plan and-“

“Franklin Inc. Is out of the transporter status. That lives a hole to fill in the chain of drugs and food services this spring. Drug and food corpos are on a mad dash to find solo or runners with a truck willing to do the dangerous job through the bad lands for runners fees.-”

I stopped in my tracks as I heard a news feed from a terminal computer to my right. I turned to see the report of Franklin going under. Reading the headline. Shit. Frankline was the only fucking transporter of Cp-98 into the city for the Archer 🏹 Inc. Pharmaceutical company in to the fucking city. If the city messed the spring run of the drug, hundreds of people we’re going to start getting sick or die before another transporter could be fit into the supply chain for next summer into the next spring run.

Jon needed that medicine. He couldn’t wait. He was on a fixed periodic schedule. I can’t believe the transportation corpos didn’t have a back up transporter for the delivery. It was late winter and spring was a few months away. Who in the hell would take up the job this late for the low pay grade of a runner. Fuck it.. I had to get my hands on some credits fast and handle this shit myself.

Coach yanked at my arm. “What the fuck is wrong with you? You need to get you head in the game.”

I turned to him. “I need you to get me another match after I win this one. It has to be a big ticket one.”

Coach stared at me. “You into some gambling debt or something or getting a big dick?”

“I have to win this match and every match you can get me. I can’t lose. I won’t lose.” I told him only. It was enough though Coach nodded.

“i hear you. I been there to. Let’s win this thing.”

I turned walking to the arena with my mind focused on the win. I couldn’t lose now. I needed the credits and didn’t have time to think about rising slowly.

I saw my opponent in the ring. Hickson Wells. A 5’11 tough bult and fast in fighter. His bandaged hands and forearms were already lit with his element and sparking as he shadow boxed.

Five wins one loss. He was the first challenge I had to knock down. I felt lightning element flowing in my arms and legs as I walked down the pathway to the ring. My focuse was on Hickson and nothing else.

Coach held the ropes down for me as I bowed between them and came into the ring. I stared at Hickson until he noticed my focus on him and he smiled a toothy grin.

The ref ran through the rules. “No balls hitting or hit to the throat. Besides that have at it but obey my ruling. Touch fists back to your corners.

I touched Hickson’s fist and nodded to him. He nodded back.

I felt my element raising making my forearms vibrate with power. I could even feel it in my back now.

“Cyrus. Cryrus.”

I heard my coach calling to me. “What?”

“Don’t lay his ass out to fast. We got to make this shit last a little to build up for the next fight.” He said.

“Got you.” I said totally focused on Hickson.

I waited for what seemed like the longest period of my life and then the ref gave us the go. I approuched Hickson watchful of him. He came out fast with a dozen lightning jabs, a hock punch to my ribs and a surprising jumping spinning back kick that almost took my head off but I leaned back in time and closed the distance with a right hock to this face as he turned into it.

Hickson froze and then fell on his face and didn’t move. The ref jumped between us on top of Hickson and waved his hands. The fight was over. Time went back to normal for me. I blinked.


I looked over at my corner to see the coach and His son the heavy weight champion Brock both running into the ring toward me to lift me up. I laughed and held my fists up and roared with excitement for the win. I heard a chant start in the arena.




Warm regards



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