Rising Star and hope for the future. 2nd prelude to PUNCH! A corpos comeback story

2 of 5 prelude


I had my first professional fight in EMP arena in two days after getting my license as a middle weight flyer. Coach Goldman Grayson was giving me the go ahead and I was under his gym. Things were looking good but for one thing. The giant ugly scar on my back was a marketing problem. It had to be covered.

Brock had suggested a tattoo and a tattoo palor to get done in. I agreed and thanked him.

I messaged my son for ideas wanting to involve him in the process in my weekly messages. He sent back a short reply..

“I don’t give a fuck, loser. Get a wolf head tattoo or sword or something.”

It was an idea and it would help. I went to Warriors Tate Shop down town on 7th and main.

It was a small shop but had customers filled in the place. I came inside and found Sue. No. Goldy Warrior sitting down chatting with another man with long hair and silver blue eyes that wore a leather vest, jeans and boots.

“Goldy. hey?” I said.

Goldy’s beautiful eyes lite up at the sight of me but her friend gave me a narrowed eye look of mistrust. I wondered at it as I walked over.

“Hey, Cyrus. Nice to see you. What you are doing here?”

I smiled. “I’m here to get a tattoo. It’s my coach’s orders. I’m getting a wolf’s head on my back and sword with my son’s name on it.”

Both of them froze for some reason. I looked around and noticed a few people were all looking at me funny as well. I looked back to Goldy to see her frowning at me.

“So the scar you got on your back is real bad then? The scar you got protecting me?”

I didn’t like the sound in her voice and look of haunted pain on her face brought back memories. It reminded me of the past and what that asshole had done to her when she was teenager. It also reminded me of how I couldn’t do anything to help her but that asshole Judge guy could before and afterward. I shook it off the memory.

“It wasn’t your fault. I should have been more carefull rushing in like that and I got burned. It’s no big deal and you did rescue me. Anyway, I got to get it covered up with something and my son suggested it. If I have to do it at least it will be something he suggested and he might like it on his old man. When or if he sees me online.” I said smiling and hoping Jon would like it or at least think something of me.

I had to make it up to him. I had to get back on my feet and be a corpo he could respect again. I just had to. Seeing him again and being able to spend time with him was all I thought of now. I had to get to the top.

Goldy smiled. “Your son chose the tattoo. I understand. You’ll get there. You’ll see him again.”

Goldy understood. She was a corpo to. I nodded. “So do you know a good artist here that can help me?”

Goldy nodded and turned to the man. “Swan. My brother. He works here part time in the summer. He’s a fantastic artist. He’ll give you the tattoo.”

I didn’t remember her ever having a brother but things change. I could understand Swan’s look he gave me now.

Swan was silent studying me. “If I give you the tattoo you got to make a promise to us.”

What hell was going on? I frowned but nodded. “Sure with in reason.”

“You can’t ever give up on yourself or claiming back your son. The day you do give up, I’ll carve the image off your back. Do you agree to my terms?”

A legal or moral contract. Hmm. The 🐺 head had some type of meaning to them.

I stared at him and thought about the days, the months the fucking moments sitting in my cell with regrets over my own stupid decisions that had cost me moments, days and months with my son I couldn’t get back. Now that I was out, I could never see him in person unless I got back to corpo legal status showing my fitness as a patriarch.

“I, Cyrus Morgan Vod agree to your terms of the contract.” I said.

Swan shrugged and waved me to a seat. “Let’s get this going then.” He said.

Warm regards



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