I think…no. I know PUNCH! A corpos comeback story will have no romantic bullshit in it. More Cyberpunk dreams lore

I’m digging the feel of the story. The lore is progressing as well as a plot motivation for the character though we’re still in the prelude stage of the story. The meat or action is coming later.

What I have coming for the second half….man oh man. I don’t know if I can make it work but I have to try. The logistics of how Newark city operates has to come into play because it is a part of the story’s second half.

Right now we’re getting a feel for the character. We’re getting nuggets of his sense of what his dreams and hopes are. I really want this to focus on how hard one man will punch back at the world and adversity to get time in his son’s life.

Cyrus is a corpo to his core but I want to show that even a corpo can have a nomad’s wolf spirit to not give up and fight to survive.

Warm regards



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