Quidditch in real life!! Holy shit balls! Not comedy This shit is real!

The link

I saw some random fucking video in passing on YouTube about the league Quidditch wanting to change the name of the game because of some political bullshit involving J.K. Rowling not submitting to the simulation law 1984.


The funny part for me is discovering a fucking nerd vest of dumbasses with broomsticks on a field of grass pretending to be in the fucking wonderful land of Harry Potter.

Holy shit! I had to find out if this bullshit was real.

Mind you. I read all the books. Saw all the movies. I fucking drank a bottle of Butter beer on my brother Red on my birthday once.

But. Quidditch in real life?! Fucking hell.

But holy shit. Fuck. Holy mother fucking shit. This shit has been going on for years. The funniest shit I’ve seen all year

Warm regards



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