A traffic stop on 6th and Nexus Newark City A prelude to PUNCH!

Prelude 1 of 5


I was out for a morning a little nervous about my big break as a sparing partner for the EMP heavyweight champion Grayson Brock sense I got of the pin. I didn’t know how it was going to workout but honestly I was hoping they would keep me on. The money was shit but it was a shot into gaining connections.

The run also gave me time to work off my frustrations about the message sent my son and the short reply I finally received back.

“Eat shit loser.”

I smiled. It had warmed my heart. After six years in the pin messing most of his life but sending him messages every damn week. I finally got a reply back.

I got out of my basement apartment and ran down the street in my sweats and Hoodia. The neighbor was busy with street business and people out about as runners or taking on their solo gigs.

I felt great. I smiled and waved to neighbors some of them nodded back the others flipped me off. I laughed and kept on running.

I stopped as I neared a traffic light on 6th and Nexus. I waited for it for πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈ sign to turn white.

I bounced on my toes keeping my heart rate up and shadow boxed a little but made sure to control my element not letting it fly free from my fists.

I saw a pretty lady in a black crusier pull up to the side to the right. I frowned and then smiled remembering her from my old life.

“Sue. Sue Jennings.” I called to her.

Sue frowned and turned to look at me. She frowned and then smiled at me. Cyrus. Hey-” Sue’s reply was cut short by someone smashing into her from behind and then another I watched in horror as another cruiser came at her from the front.

What the hell!?

I was moving as the drivers got out their crushers and started firing blasters at her side and front windows. The windows were reinforced shielding but that wouldn’t hold for long.

I got to the first thug as he turned to me time slowed down. I moved around his blaster fire and blasted him with a hock punch to his ribs and jaw.

Pain hit me from behind as the other thug caught me with blaster shot burning my Hoodia. I took it off as it caught on fire and threw it at my attacker.

He screamed and then his screams were cut short as Sue blasted him in the chest with a large rifle. I sat on the ground a moment feeling the sting of the blaster and knowing the scaring it was going to leave on my back.

Stupid. It wasn’t my business. Why did I get mixed up in the shit. Damn it. I had a job I needed. Why was I so stupid.

Sue came over to me as authorities started pulling in and blocking off the area. She crunched down by me. “Cyrus. Damn. Thank you.”

I sat silently. I saw him come up then. He was older but still scary as hell in those dark tinted glasses and emotionless face. Judge Rafe.

He passed a carefully glance over Sue but then studied me. “I know you.”

I nodded. “You put me in the pin for six years for corporate crimes of embellishment of employees retirement funds.” I said.

He nodded. “And attempted bribery of an authority. You served your time. Debt paid. What are you doing now?”

“Bran. Cyrus is my friend from old life. He tried to help me.”

“Did, he?” The Judge asked doubtful.

I glared at him. I was barely surviving. I had a son that hated me. A wife that divorced me and stole my family company in the pin and nothing to my name but my pride. I felt the sting of the blaster to my back I was lucky it would only leave scaring otherwise I would be dead. I could see judgement in his stare like he knew me.

I got to my feet. “Am I free to go? I have to head to the hospital for treatment before my job today. I can’t be late.”

The Judge nodded stiffly. “Your free to go. Commited no crime. Mr. Vod.”

I turned to go.

“Cyrus. When’s your next fight?”

I paused and turned back to her in surprise. “I’m not a fighter?”

Sue smiled and shook her head laughing. ” Oh. No. You are a EMP fighter. You are fast and deadly. Just let me know when you hit big. I’ll buy tickets to every fight you have. Don’t forget. I’m your biggest fan. Oh. My name is Goldy Warrior now.”

I smiled. “Goldy. I like it. I’ll let you know about my first fight.”

Warm regards



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