The weirdness of being a introvert in extrovert space

People (extroverts) don’t understand me. It’s always the assumption that I’m shy or social outcast or some bullshit they heard from a movie or pop psychology ass-hat that talks a lot on television.

It ain’t that complicated. I don’t bullshit as much as extroverts do that can’t stand silences and needs to be either saying dumb shit or to fill the silence in a room full of people by being silly or too fucking serious all of a sudden.

Extroverts figure you out by how much you word vomit out about yourself, business and social media bullshit and dick jokes. They can’t understand interverts.

Now. Extroverts also have a self knowledge that is revealed to them by other people. They are or can be assholes or natural unaware.

They try to avoid it. They try to joke around it but by nature they can be this way because sometimes they get in their feeling when they’re talking or they’ve got somebody else’s name in their mouth they know in that moment they are an asshole.

Where is this coming from?

Some asshole at work has been talking behind my back effecting my bag. Now how do I know this? The fucker told me with his change of behavior and the fact the fucker can’t look me in the eyes anymore and I know this fucker. He’s an emotional talker that hasn’t had the learning experience of getting kicked in the mouth for talking to much about someone else. I got my manager in my face in his emotions talking about my work efforts in words I know have come from a dude I work with. Most importantly though I know the dude talking behind my back doesn’t like me.

What’s my response to this? I don’t give a fuck. It’s weird to even me. I used to a beta bitch in my day. I gave a fuck what people thought about me. Yeah. It’s inconvenient but I don’t give a fuck. Seriously. This is one of those times I realize I’m an old fuck. No. An old fucking intervert. I have already thought of this shit happening and my exit plans. Again. I’m Guardiandogg. I also see the comedy in the shit. Fuck him and the job. I got from it what I needed and now I need to move on. I’ll be cool. I wish I had feelings about discussing it with him but again I can’t seem to raise my give a fuck meter to I might give a shit?!

One day that fucker is due for an ass whipping. Damn shame he hasn’t been given that education. He hasn’t encountered the wrong one. I know it. He’s too easy with telling strangers about his feelings and going into bitch fits on other dudes. You see Texas is a friendly state. Some folks around here live their entire fucking lives and don’t encounter the wrong one. The fucker is in his 30s and still about that emotional female bullshit and has the nerve to wear sunglasses that make him appear like a bad ass (in his mind) that’s been in a fight.

He kinda looks a Dick. No juke. He looks like a bald soft dick. It’s fucking weird my dude. Most dudes wear aviators to look like true bad asses. This fucker wears those tight sunglasses that curve around his soft ass face.

I’m not trying to be mean but the dude looks like a soft ass. Anyway he just doesn’t look like or act like he’s been in a fight. I can tell after watching him in his feelings and bitch fits. It’s fucking weird my dude. I remember being kicked in the face for a wrong word on a dude’s name. Growing up back in the North East whenever I was around real dudes the bitch fit stuff and talking your feelings was laughed at if not out right suspect for a dude being a pussy cat pretender.

Holy shit. That’s the funniest thing. Seeing a grown dude or dudes getting caught up in their feelings. Pretending to be tough but inside are soft ass pussy cat pretenders.

Warm regards


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