Cyberpunk dreams: Rite of Passage Part 14 (Final)

Chapter 12


I walked into the Corpo building owned by Casey and holdings with Abu Kali and Harley. I had Ruby set up at a spot I would need her and away from the shit storm about to happen. I felt it then. A shift in the feel of everything and everyone.

I looked around then saw him walking into the building past us. Cyberpunk Dreams. He looked. Damn. Well. He looked like me or me more rightly I looked like a lower version of him. His hair was jet black as where the rest of his gear. A black shirt, pants and leather jacket and boots.

He always looked like this. No matter the Era of time. He rarely interfered in our events but for…shit. This was a case of a fucking alien showing up in our realm.

He paused by me and lifted my fist to bump against his. We nodded to each other. He angled his head for us to follow him. We did silently.

Dumbasses and normals all gave him wide breath. He walked to the elevator and we followed him inside. The ride up was a quiet event. I wondered what he wanted us to do. Fuck it. I faced him.

“How you want to play this?” I asked him.

Cyberpunk shrugged. “He’s an invader him being here breaks the law.”

I nodded. “Say no more. Death is the judgement.” I said turning from him to wait for the door to open.

The door opened. Cyberpunk walked out. We paused for a second because the trap door above us opened. I saw a man dressed in all leather and a eye patch on one eye cruching beside a lady that looked like my mother but she was different.

The lady smiled at me and handed me a sword. I smiled at her as understanding hit me. “Lightning Baby arrives for the party with a gift.”

I took the sword as she and the man dropped down. Lightning Baby hugged me and kissed my cheek. “Your rite is over kick some ass. I got to work.” She said stepping outside she began to cut her way through the enemies my family and the stranger stepped into the battle cutting and shooting down mutant shit heads until we were the last standing.

I looked ahead to the main office of the asshole and saw him dead on the floor and my mother standing over him with her sword.

“Shit. How the fuck are we alive?” Harley asked.

Abu Kali nodded frowning and sniffing the air. “What’s that smell?”

I smiled and got out my detapad. “Just a little bit of Ruby’s perfume in the vents. She’s killing it now.”

“poison gas?!” Abu Kali said in a high voice.

I snorted shaking my head. “Not to us. We’re family. ”

My mother came up to us. Putting away her sword and smiling at me. “So you’ve had a journey. What did you learn?”

“I understand why you mated with him. I don’t hate him anymore. I can understand why he is the way he is.” I said thinking on the spot about it. “Everything else the family taught me.”

My mother smiled and nodded “Now. You are a true nomad male. So introduce me to your family as we get the hell out of here. I heard you got a girl now.”

I smiled and lead the way out.

The end of the rite of passage….

Warm regards



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