My thoughts on some asshole grave robbing Stan Lee’s nerd Creditablity?

Yeah. Some asshole or Marvel or whoever else fucking rich asshole is posing as Stan Lee on Twitter and using his name to promote their weak ass political bullshit/weak punk bitch art.

Hmm. Pause on that thought. A weak beta bitch asshole is using the name of a dead man who wasn’t into all the bullshit to promote their bullshit nobody gives a fuck about art/politics.

Now. Is it weird? No. It’s worse then that. It’s putting words into a dead man’s mouth and fucking with the perception and way people that loved that dude felt about him.

Weird is tame. This is some evil bullshit. Yeah. I’m calling it, what it is. I would rather people ignore it or in my case. If I was on that shit site. I would question the fucker.

Why are you spitting on the character of a dead man?

Why are you such an evil beta bitch dumb fuck that you think people aren’t in the know of how small your dick is?

When did you realize that you hated high value talented men? Was it before or after you got bitch slapped for trying to rush up on a dude’s Momma in the nursing home?

When did you realize how shit you are?

How many times did you cry in your bed cursing God that you have no talent and your a punk ass, bitch ass talentless hack that nobody would want to fuck without a down payment on a house or a weekly check deposited in the bank?

I have so many questions.

Warm regards



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