Cyberpunk dreams: Rite of Passage Part 14

Chapter 11


I stepped into the course of events with a purpose that would last only for a few moments. The scent of that fucker was all on these series of events. I walked into the building as I am in the form of what I am.

I nodded to my people. Some bowed their heads. Some ran at my presense and the few of my close archetypes of mean gave me a fist bump. I headed to the elevator with two of my archetypes following with me silently. They checked their P19s and one of them my newest favorite looked me in the eyes.

“How you want to play this?” Christopher Rad asked me.

“He is a invader and his breaking the law even being here.” I told him simple.

“Say no more. Death is the judgment.” Christopher said simply and turned to the door.

The elevator doors opened and my archetypes stepped out first into the heat of battle. I walked past the battle as it raged in the hallway between my archetypes and the fuckers mutant abominations.

I walked to the office door and waved it open with my hand. A felt a rush of movement fly past me and I stared as the Lightning Baby speared the fucker in the chest with her sword.

The Fucker was in the form of a businessman named Norman Casey. I blinked and smiled. Lightning Baby walked over toward me leaving behind the events as I did and a female nomad stood over the body of Norman Casey with a lightning sword in her hand.

Jamie Rad. She did promise that he wouldn’t live the year out. Fire and Ice appeared together. Ice grabbed up the fucker by the throat as he screamed and whined like a bitch.

“i was just having a bit of fun is all. Their only mortals. Don’t tell me you care for these acts. We’re gods.” The Fucker complained.

I rolled my eyes. The Fucker was always going on about the gods bullshit. He couldn’t accept limits for shit.

Ice squeezed his throat. “We are not equals. You fucked with my brother and his development.” He said and then threw him into hell dominion portal. He nodded to Lightning us and stepped out of my realm to sit back on his throne above us.

“I win. I win. Man that was fun.” Lightning Baby said in amusement.

Fire opened her mouth to start complaining. I put a finger to her lips. “I made you something for your birthday.”

“Hey. You can’t do that? I won.” Lightning Baby complained.

I ignored her and held out a small box. “Your request gave me ideas though. I can’t fulfill your wish. I can give you inspiration for what you wanted.” I said and gave her the small box.

I released her lips as Fire frowned at it and opened it. She stared inside and then quickly got out the ear rings and put then on. They were in the image of two twin cities. One silver one jet black and grey.

I folded my arms and smiled as the glowed on Fire’s ears. “What will you name em big sis?”

Lightning Baby put an arm on my shoulder. “I’m wondering to know too.” She said.

Fire smiled at us feeding on our attention on her only for the moment. “Cy the silver tongue city and Lightning High rise the sky city of the east. What do you think?”

I smiled and glanced at Lightning Baby to see her fighting back a grin and blush. “I think you are starting to become my favorite sibling.”

Warm regards



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