Cyberpunk dreams: Rite of Passage Part 13

Chapter 10


I watched the man known as the Rogue walk to the hotel room with the hooker I had hired as bait. He had a smile on his face as entered the room. The smile froze for second when he saw me out the corner of his eye though he tried to hide it as he looked away and walked into the room. I walked to the door and knocked on it. I heard a P16 generate pulse energy on the other side of the door and leaped to the right.

The door was blasted apart. I drew my blaster and aimed it at the Rogue as he came out aiming his rifle at me. He had me dead to rights. But then again so did I. He wasn’t touched by the Lightning Baby.

“So. We meet at last. I hear you’ve been fucking with my rite.” I said looking at the man that was an older version of what I might become. He was a sorry piece of shit working for Corpos to kill man, woman and child. “I thought we had a silent agreement. You would stay the fuck out of my life.” I said.

The Rogue chuckled. “Daddy issues?! Give me a fucking break boy. I work with my own hands and mind the same as you kid. Your no different then me. I heard what you did to Ghostface and about you stealing his shit afterward. Don’t act like your better then me.”

I smiled. “Hmm. You think we’re the same?! Holy shit. Ghostface violated my law. His ass and shit we’re forfeited to the living and his soul to hell where he belonged. You go your way I go mean. It’s that simple. I got a rite of passage to complete.” I said.

The Rogue shook his head. “No you don’t. I’ll kill you first or burn your whole people to dust. Choose. You or them. I gave my word. I would terminate you if and when you step over to adulthood.”

I stared at him. “There is a difference between me and you. No one threatens my people. You are nothing but a rogue who stands alone. I am nomad.” I said and came to my feet. “Here’s your chance old man. The only one you’ll get to keep your word.” I dropped my blaster and got out my knife. “Earn the kill.”

The Rogue frowned at me looking disappointed. “You had potential for a moment. But, your to stu-ahhh!” The Rogue screamed as his rifle burned in his hands and he dropped it as it started to melt. Ruby came to stand by me as she turned the rifle in to a lump of metal.

Harley came out of another door and punched the Rogue back with a pocket of wind. The Rogue went flying backward into Abu Kali’s arms. Abu Kali slammed his head against a wall and twisted his arms behind his back while Ruby rushed forward to tie his arms up.

I walked toward the Rogue and stared at him. “You tried to make me kill my own blood. You threatened my family. I gave you the option to earn your kill. Your a piece of shit coward. However, my mother already taught me about you. In the end your just a tool for shit heads with power. Who hired you?”

The Rogue laughed. “Mercy? That is not what I was expecting nor do I believe it.”

I snarled at him. “She told me not to kill you.”

The Rogue’s smile dropped away. His expression changed. “Damn her. All she did was handicap you. If you can’t kill your enemy then your just waiting to be-“

“Your not my enemy.” I told him. “Your just a tool. Whoever hired you, wanted to confuse and divide my people. That’s the man whose heart I want to carve out. I have to complete my rite. It’s much more important then me. It also has to do with who can make a claim on my mother and leadership of my people. If your dead someone else gets her. If you had killed me then you would have had the whole fucking clan against you until they killed you and-“

“Norman Casey.” The Rogue said. “He has a thing for your mother and someone told her about her pack with me. He wants her. I never said she couldn’t have someone else when I left her.”

I shook my head this ignorant asshole. “You never had any other children. My elders kept tabs on you and you knew nomads don’t believe in divorce.”

“We can’t let this fucker go.” Abu Kali said. “He’s going to come after you again.”

I smiled and looked in his jacket and got out his detapad. I held it out to him. “Your going to publicly decline the offer for the contract you took out on me and return any credits you took or my cousin will rip your fucking arms off, strip you naked and leave your ass out on the street naked in the rain. You see I can’t kill you but I make it real easy for someone else to do it for me.”

The Rogue stared at me and laughed.”Damn. You really are my son. Alright kid. You win.”

Warm regards



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