Cyberpunk dreams: Rite of Passage Part 12

Chapter 9

Abu Kali

I saw my target heading to the back of the restaurant after downing a pint of beer with his three companions. He was the shortest one among the bunch. I saw his gaze pass to me and move on to the backside of a waitress bending over to clean up a spill as he walked to the jon to relieve himself either that or take a shit.

I wondered what was so special about this guy that the Rogue had paid me to do a secondhand kill on the little guy. It would be a easy kill for me. I wouldn’t even have to pull my peice out for this one.

I slid from my booth and sauntered over toward the restroom door. People glanced at me as I passed. It was a norm for me sense I reached my full height of 6’6 at sixteen cycles old last year. I just gave em my handsome smile and it put them at ease.

I walked to the entrance and walked inside looking around for the little man. I heard the lock behind me activated. I smiled turning around slow.

Christopher Rad faced me with a blaster in his hand and fired it. I felt the sting of lightning hit my chest ruining my shirt but leaving me unharmed. I swung my fist connecting with his stomach before I then grabbed him, lifted him up and dropped him hard on the floor.

His body spassed for a minute before he went motionless. I waited. He didn’t move he was dead. I turned to leave as I heard his friends banging at the door.

Laughter behind me, made me freeze up. I turned to stomp on the little shit only to find an empty space on the floor. Shit. What the fuck was this asshole?

Rad walked out behind a stall blood flowing from his mouth and a crazy thrill seeking smile on his lips. I knew that smile. This man was the Rogue’s son.

“You got little options here little brother.” Rad said in a calm voice. “Finish what you started and kill me. You walk out that door my family will kill you afterward.”

I snorted. “I can handle those two easy.” I said calmly.

Rad shook his head. “I meant my entire family. We’re two hundred strong. You won’t live the year out. We hunt for keeps.”

I snorted. “I’m a child by nomad laws. I thought you didn’t hunt children.”

Rad stared at me. “Your family abandoned you or something else?”

I shrugged. “Na’ah. I’m just Caping on you bro. Let’s get to it.” I said.

Rad evaded my snap punch for his chin by ducking under me and slicing my hip with a knife. I reached for my blaster and fired it in his face.

Lightning blasted into his eyes and he beat the rest away with his forearm. I dropped my blaster backing up as he followed me.

Rad stared at me. “Your kissed by the Lightning Baby. Just like me. Just like a lot of my blood kin. I can’t kill you. It’s against our laws. Doing so would have my family after my head when I killed you. Your tough but I was trained and breed to fight to the death. You’re a little too green. Do you understand what I’m saying. Little brother.”

Fucking black heart Rogue played me. Me?! After all I had done for him. I sank to the floor as he opened the door and came over to look at my wound. “It’ll leave a scar but it’s not bad. Ruby get my med kit from the cruiser.”

“Who the fuck is this blackheart giant mother fucker?’ Ruby demanded.

“Fuck em. Let’s go.” The other man said.

“I can’t leave em to die. He’s my cousin Ruby get me the damn kit.”

“Shit. Damn it. Alright.” Ruby said leaving quickly.

Rad looked at me. “Who hired you?”

“A fucking rat bastard.” I said and snarled in rage. I was going to get that fucker back for this.

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