A conversation with a dude that desires to be a female.

I never really understood the concept until I had a conversation with a dude that wants to be a female. I think of the dude as a person I respect and admire for his intelligence and creative mind and personality.

We have a random conversation about it and his experiences and thoughts around it. He had the idea and thoughts about it sense he was a kid and feels of wanting or imagination behind it. The wanting to be something else and the idea that you can become anything you set your mind to being.

Again there is always some asshole in the genesis of our lives that plays apart in effecting us. He mentioned one asshole that said something to him. I have several assholes that have said and done shit to me as well. Fuck em.

My thoughts. I can understand that wanting that desiring. I can even understand looking at different people and wishing you can have their qualities instead of what your genetic stuck with. I shared my own thoughts in that regard to him.

That being said. I’m in a intervert. My changes take place internally. I don’t have the same desires or wants to modify or change myself externally. I just don’t care that greatly enough to pay for modifications or do anything more then watch my diet and take long walks. My changes happen in writing and just living life.

I like the dude as he is. I like his mind his creative thinking and personality. I honestly wish him to remain as he is and let life change him naturally. He’s in his early 20s. So young. He’s experienced a lot but he doesn’t know what 32 feels like or what changes will happen to his wants and desires and needs at 35. He doesn’t know what’s it like to take care of a person that took care of you when your baby and then to watch them die slowly and can’t do a damn thing about it but regret you couldn’t do something for them still even when your still angry at them for something stupid.

Did I mention any of this to him? No. I was to busy listening and trying to understand him. All I can think of saying to him later or whenever is I like you for you. Your interesting as you are.

Holy shit I feel old as fuck right now.

Warm regards



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