Cyberpunk dreams: Rite of Passage Part 10

Chapter 7


There were shockwaves on the black market from the news that young group of nomads had killed old GhostFace in the fucking street and then stolen all his shit. I was half emused by the news. I had been planning on baging his ass and bounty on him for a minute.

My emusement quickly turned to shock as I got a message from Norman Casey’s assistant informing me that my contract with him was still ungoing and I needed to now kill Christopher Rad before his family group of three now advanced even larger before he met up with his clan soon in the city.

Rad was alive.

I searched for news on the bitch and found photos now on net waste lands of him alive with a scar on his chest and leading the girl and some mutant wind jumper with silver blue glowing eyes.

I stared at Rad’s face. The expression on his face reminded me of someone. Something wasn’t right. I felt that feeling I had at the beginning of this job. I knew what that feeling was now.

Casey was trying to fuck me over some how. I had to be connected to this bitch some how. Maybe I was his father, cousin or some bullshit. But a job was a job. I said I would do it. So I had to get it done however I had to cover my own ass. I needed to know what kind of shit killing this bitch would get me into with the Nomads or whoever else this bitch was connected to. My eyes feel on Rad’s knife at his hip on the pictures.

That was a good start. The knife handle wasn’t common and the blade had to be made of some type of element. So I would a quick search while I set up an ambush for him and his small time crew.

Warm regards



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