Orgins have a discussion on the bet in progress part 9

Ice frowned as he looked down at Cyberpunk as he was working on his cruiser outside his apartment building. He couldn’t see what it was but he knew he was working on something not related to the world.

Earth Dragon appeared as in the form of a tall male dressed in dark brown pants, tain boots, white shirt, dark deer skin leather jacket as he walked up to Cyberpunk. He opened his mouth to say something but then stopped and looked over Cyberpunk’s shoulder to look at what he was working on. Earth had come to have discussion with him about the Jackel that had died but forgot that topic entirely.

“You need any help?” Earth asked.

Cyberpunk frowned shaking his head keeping his focus on what he was doing. “I got a question though. How do you turn this element around into something like this?” He asked his elder brother.

Earth leaned in close and showed him inside the cruiser. Cyberpunk was silent as he studied the motion and then looked to his right to see Fire sneaking up on them.

They quickly closed the hood of the cruiser. Both of them frowned at her.

“Stop being nosy.” Earth said to her.

Fire pursed her lips. “What are you working on?”

Cyberpunk snorted shaking his head. Earth crossed his arms across his chest. “You know what he’s working on. You haven’t won the bet. So stop being nosy.”

Fire giggled clapping her hands. “I want to see.”

Cyberpunk shook his head as he smiled at her fully focused on her. Ice and Earth smiled.

“You came because of something else. What is it big Sis?”

Fire grimanced pointing a finger at Earth. “This asshole is trying to ruin my plans. I don’t want him involved in the bet in anyway.”

Earth rolled his eyes turning to Cyberpunk. “Cy. What happened to my subject to cause him to be like that? I wanted him to provide some roadblocks in the rite of passage not a fucking clown show.”

Cyberpunk shook his head. “I don’t know. My guess you didn’t know him to well or that asshole little bastard has been sneaking in to my realm.”

Ice appeared in front of Cyberpunk in a dark blue suit smoking a thin cigar. “Tell me about this Little Bastard?” He said.

Cyberpunk leaned back against his cruiser. “He showed up a few centuries ago. We had a bit of disagreement when he started trying to fuck me. I told him I wasn’t interested. He said I was confused and tried to make understand so I fucked him up. He was a little angry at me afterward and was becoming a problem so I avoid him.” Cyberpunk said and then looked around to see Lightning Baby riding up to him on her cherry pink cycle. “I got to go.”

Ice nodded patting his shoulder. “Go on and have fun.” He said.

Cyberpunk ran over to Lighting Baby as she took off and hopped on his own bike and took off after her.

Ice looked around the tiny realm of Cyberpunk silently his silver blue eyes were stormy with violence and anger. “Hmm. So there is something keeping Cyberpunk in this realm beyond interest in the people here.”

His silbings gathered around him frowning and searching for this Little Bastard but they couldn’t find him. Wind hovered at his side in the form of shadowy female in a trench coat and nothing else.

Ice frowned at her. “Why are you naked?”

Wind smiled. “Don’t like clothes. How do I look in this world?” She said showing off her athletic shapely body and high full breasts.

“You’re trying to distract, thank you for the thought. But, we have a problem.” He said.

Wind stared at him.

“You are perfect. Now. Please close your jacket.” He said.

Wind smiled and wrapped herself up in her silk trench jacket. “Let the bet roll on. There’s no need to cause any noise. Opportunity will present itself.”

ice smiled liking her plan. He turned to the others to see they were in agreement as well. He nodded and stepped out of the realm sitting down on his thrown. Wind followed him sitting down on his arm rest.

“Be patient. The game is getting interesting now. You think Lightning Baby will win?”

Ice shrugged not caring about Lightning Baby at all but he smiled. “You could help her out if you want.”

“No she can not.” Fire said coming to stand by Wind.

Ice let them talk while he watched and waited for signs of the little Bastard. Ice was looking for him now. There would a price to pay for the being that had threatened his family.

Warm regards



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