Cyberpunk Dreams: Rite of Passage Part 8

Chapter 6


“Fucking bitch come on open up!”

“Bitch. Get the fuck away from my ride.”

I turned to run but GhostFace grabbed me by the back of my jacket and threw me into the street. A cruiser came at me and I bounded off the ground to the side walk and started to run but I felt a earth hand grab my waist and haul me back to Ghostface who picked me and punched me in the chest sending me flying.

I was driven against the back wall of his apartment building beside his crusier. I gasped as my heart felt it was about push out of my chest.

Shit! This fucker was trying to kill over a fucking crusier. Damn it. Blood flowed out of my mouth as Ghostface Hickson a tall bronze skinned, leather wearing asshole stood over me grinning like a Jackel out for lunch.

“You just made my day. I’m going to have some fun with you before I kill you.”

Shit. Cash never said anything about this fucker being a Jackel. Granted he had told me to only watch the fucking car. Damn it.

His hand glowed a sandy brown color as I saw a giant hand grab by throat and start lifting me holding me in the air. Ghostface approached me and started undoing my pants.

The fuck?!

I looked around for help as people walked by saying nothing doing nothing. What the fuck was to be expected. This was his neighborhood. His turf.

I felt humilitation as the fucker started palming my crutch and licking his yellow fangs. I lived eighteen years in the dreggs of Newark city. I had avoided this shit until now.

I watched him lower his mouth to my dick and then he froze. I fell to the ground and scambled to get my pants up as a crazy fucker was stabbing the fuck out of GhostFace. The blade was sharp and went into his fatass body like he was cheeze. Blood and sand came out of GhostFace face mouth as he struggled to fight the killer off but it was to late.

GhostFace fell to the ground in a pool of his own blood and earth magic sands. The killer was covered in blood and sand and took off his shirt dropping it down on the dead body before he spat on the body. He had a wicked looking lightning scar on his chest. He nodded to me before he looked around toward a tall girl who was staring at him in awe.

“Ruby? I told you to stay across the street, woman. Nevermind. Start working on getting the cruiser open so we can get the fuck out of here before people or somebody gets a notion of calling this dead assholes friends.”

The girl nodded her head and obeyed her man. She went over to the crusier and started working on hacking the lock.

He looked at me. “Fucking hell. That bitch needed killing. He’s dead now at least. He won’t be needing his shit or ride. The name is Christopher Rad. I’m Nomad.” He said and held out his hand to me.

I got pants back on before taking his hand and help up and nodded to him. “Harley Hawkins. I’m just me. You need a driver or man you can trust for your crew? I’m your man.”

Christopher shook his head. “I don’t have a crew but I could use a pack brother. You join me. I promise you equal share in ebs, food, a ride and loyalty. The mate you find I’ll treat as my sister. The children you make will be blood kin to me. I will stand by you forever as will my children. What you say?”

Holy shit! That’s everything I always wanted and more. A family. “Sounds good. I’m in brother.”

Chris snorted. “Alright. Let’s steal this fucker’s shit and make some ebs bro.”

Warm regards


P. S.

Holy shit. This shit getting good.

My brother of the fight.

My sister of the will.

My heart is the pack.

My loyalty stands with the aim to ride on down these roads of travel and adventure. My theme for my life is to live and ride this fucker until the wheels fall off.


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