Why does Sherlock Holmes have to be a crazy asshole in movies and TV shows.

I was thinking about this bullshit at work in a passing time of a brain fart. Why in the fuck does Sherlock Holmes have to be an asshole?

He’s strange and interesting in the books. He’s sharp, smart and a man of the times I. E. A modern gentleman and not a 21 century beta bitch.

I remember watching movies/tv pre-Sherlock and other bullshit adaptations.

I was down with Sherlock 2000s TV British mystery movie show until the fucking ending and then afterward it left a bad taste in my mouth when I thought and re-watched better Sherlock Holmes show with Jeremy Brett and even a the cartoon show of him in the 22nd century shit.

No asshole Sherlock Holmes present. Pure brilliance and masculine vibe. What the fuck happened to Sherlock Holmes of the books and the black and white good movies.

Fucking hell. Don’t even get me started on the movies Robert Downey Jr. Yeah. That shit happened? Is all I can say.

Warm regards



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