Cyberpunk dreams: Rite of Passage Part 7

Chapter 5


I could sense fire element in the man named Cole Cash it was a faint smell almost dormant but it was there like a lighter not yet flicked to it’s flame.

Cash barely glanced at me which told me more then enough that I wasn’t a threat to him or equal in power. He was an elder of some kind.

“I hail from the Southy drakes. What tribe do you hail from?”

Cash smiled his lips forming a drake like smile. “I don’t hail from anywhere you would know, youngster. The name is Cash. Cole Cash.”

“You have a brother though. What is his name?” I asked and glanced at my mate to see him smiling at me in amusement.

I looked back at Cash’s face. Cash looked even more emused then my mate’s face.

“They call him the Judge. Why do you ask?”

I took several steps back from him. Holy shit. I knew that name. I had even seen the fucker before and after he lost his arm and got a new one. Southy dragons gave him a wide stance. The fire element in that asshole could be felt from a mile away.

Bran “The Judge” Rafe. Holy shit. I looked at my mate to see him not all surprised or afraid as he turned to Cash. Cash had to be a fake name.

“So. Where can I find this cruiser? What do you want me to do with the asshole that had it?”

Cash shook his head. “Just capture the ride. He’s a bit of a earth element of some kind. So don’t fuck with him. The code to the crusier is Ghostface99bank22. I’ll have eyes on him. So I’ll know when the job is done.”

My mate nodded. “I got you.” He said and held out his hand.

Cash took his hand in a firm shake before letting go but I saw it. A exchange of flames. To dragons on friendly terms. Christopher was a dorment fire element user. I could turn him. It would take time but I could do it.

Warm regards



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