Cyberpunk Dreams: Rite of Passage Part 6

Chapter 4


I moved through the crowds of the mid day crowds of Corpos, freelancers and every day people flowing in the rhythm of Newark City daily herd foot traffic flow and knew I could never live here. Already I was itching to getting back to the wild.

I wondered again if my tribe had moved on what would I do. I needed to get a quick job, a datapad and ride. Whether they were in the city or not I couldn’t waste time trying to track em down for another day let alone hour.

Damn. I just wish the Elders would have given me a more clearer time frame for when my rite would be over or what the hell the pass through point would be. I felt my female take my hand. I stopped and turned back to her.

Ruby was glaring at me. I smiled. “You hungry?”

Ruby blinked at my reply but nodded. “I’ve been hungry and tried for a couple of hours now. We could go back to my people and get a meal before we continue hunting for your folks.” She suggested to me on the sly. Oh no. I wasn’t getting myself tied to her people or this city. I just needed a few things and I was hitting the road out into the wild for a few months of traveling. Hmm. I looked toward a work for hirer sign outside a temp solo gig shop.

“Just give me a few minutes. I need to get a job going and afterward I’ll take you out to get some food.” I said.

Ruby’s attention turned toward my gaze. She frowned at the sign. “You ever work as a solo? The general job of a solo is man hunting and murdering.. You up for that?” She said turning back to me.

I shook my head heading for the door to the shop. “Wrong on the murdering part. Solo gigis are legal bounty hunters assassins murder people for hirer and I helped out my uncles on a few ones Come on.” I said heading for the door and walking inside.

Ruby followed me inside looking around the small shop while I headed to the front and froze at the sight of Cole Cash staring at me with the same expression of surprise.

“I thought you were dead. Good to see you. I need a job.” I said.

Cash snorted and nodded. “I almost thought the same myself until my brother came and got me out of a jam. You look…your on the rite of passage huh?”

I nodded yeah. “Yeah. But that can wait. I need a job and advice on where to buy a nice ride from a friend or guy you can vouch for.” I said.

Cash frowned. “I can help with the job but why would you trust my word on such? We ain’t family.”

“You never fucked with mean and you honored your word and pay for a job always. That’s better then gold to a nomad.”

Cash smiled and nodded. “Respect. Yeah. I get it. Hmm. You need a ride and money. How about I pay you with a ride and whatever the hell is in?”

I stared at him. “You want me to steal a cruiser for you?”

Cash shook his head still smiling. “No. I want you to reclaim a crusier an asshole missed several payments on. You get it back it’s yours. I got the deed here. What you say?”

“Where is it?” Ruby asked.

Warm regards



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