A question to nowhere that I can’t help thinking about today. What purpose does feminism serve now?!

The answer is none from my observation currently. I can’t see it.

Putting a side blood ritual sacrifices. What is the purpose any longer because again feminism + choice?doesn’t = happiness.

This is something I learned. Self-sacrifice + purpose – happiness = intentional life.

What is a intentional life? You live each day like it’s first and last to do something that adds purpose and charecter to who you need to be.

Happiness? It can be a moment when you see growth in your character after several months of work and pushing yourself to move beyond your comfort to being intentional in becoming a better man or woman.


It has always fucked with me. The idea of female intentionally fucking around with possibly getting pregnant with no resources, marriage, stable man or family support to provide for the well being of a child.

Just. Fucking why? You want the right to a blood ritual sacrifice and yet you don’t desire the decency or common sense to not engage in free balling baby making from the jump with no intention of having a baby from the jump.

The fuck?! The fucking shit has never made sense to me.

I was encouraged to have a purpose or intention with my life from the jump before a girl or fucking with having kids I could afford to feed and cloth. Becoming a man. Becoming a better man was my aim.

Anyway, I just don’t understand the shit. Feminism for what it is today from what it became is shit. I see feminism as a blue haired sea beast screaming in the street with a diamond necklace around her neck. In nothing but a blood red bikini with her fake tits falling out saying…

It’s my body I can do whatever the fuck I want to. Whatever beast inside me will be sacrificed to my will and dreams and you better give me your fucking money if you want to see your fucking kids or not end up in jail, bitch!”

Again. The question will go nowhere but I had to take a moment to shit on feminism.

Warm regards



One thought on “A question to nowhere that I can’t help thinking about today. What purpose does feminism serve now?!

  1. Shorty gotta feminist, because all the other shorties be feministing. It’s a trend, a fad, the ultimate statement of “Sasha Fierceness” that all the baba mommas gotta have. I don’t need no man now that I got the government as my sugar daddy … Fuck YOU Joe! And Fuck ALL MEN!!


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