Orgins have a discussion about the Rite of passsge Part 5

Ice sat on his throne with a mildly amused smile on his face at Cyberpunk’s interest in a timeline going on in his realm. Someone else had a interest in the events as well. Fire Dragon had appeared at Cyberpunk’s side as he ate a hot dog at his favorite stand on 6th Crossings in Newark City.

Cyberpunk stared at their sister in bewilderment. “What are you angry about? Nice outfit.” He said. Noting her black leather pants high heel boots red jacket and scarlet bra. Fire’s hair was a rich flaming red and in a high ponytail down her back.

Fire glared at him but her expression softened when someone whistled at the sight of her. Fire relaxed and leaned over to hug his neck.

“Cy. The dragons belong to me. Why are you making one of my subjects submissive to your archetypes? I don’t like it.”

Cy turned his attention to her. Ice froze and leaned forward to watch in surprise. This was a first.

Cy stared at her. “Christopher is a Nomad. He isn’t mean. He belongs to the mother of the Nomads. Lightning Baby.”

Fire frowned at him. “You made the Nomads. They carry your…” She paused as Lightning Baby appeared and promptly removed Fire’s arms from around Cy’s neck.

Fire was amused as were their other siblings. Lighting Baby looked pissed but tried to look cool about it.

Ice rubbed his hands. He put a finger to his lips to the others to be quiet so it could play out. He had a plan to use this as a means of drawing Cyberpunk’s full attention from the little realm.

Lightning Baby stared at Fire. “Why are you so concerned about the little Nomad? He’s on his rite. Besides the fact, let the mortals to their devices.”

Fire leaned against Cy to annoy Lightning Baby more. It worked though she knew what Fire was doing.

Lightning Baby turned her attention to Cy who was staring at her sexually. She calmly walked by them and bumped Fire away to wrap an arm around his waist.

“I thought you named me Lightning Blaze? What happened to that?”

Cy shrugged and waved a hand at the people around them and mainly toward Ruby and Christopher who passed them on the street.

“They think of you as Lightning Baby. Christopher and his bunch think the world of you. What’s going to happen next?” He asked.

Ice froze blinking and wondered what the fuck was going on and why hadn’t he thought of doing something like this ages ago?

Lightning Baby smiled at him. “Sit back and watch. I want to play a game with Fire. If I win. You have to add a little of your personality to my world.”

“Hey. What do I get?” Fire spoke up.

Ice cleared his throat. “I have a suggestion?”

Cy glared at Ice. “You stay out of this big brother.” He said and turned to Fire. “What you want Big Sis?”

Fire glowed with happiness at his attention. “If I win. You have to make two twin cities for me on two worlds of mean and go on a bike ride with me?”

Cy’s lips shook with laughter. “Okay. Now your getting interesting. Game on.”

Lightning Baby drew Cy away as she led him to their apartment bedroom and gave Fire the finger. “Your going to lose big sister. Christopher is going to smash your girl and have her making him a sandwich in his trailer by the end of this.”

Fire giggled at all the attention coming her way and presented her own finger toward Lighting Baby. All Ice could do was stare in wonder.

Warm Regard



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