Cyberpunk dreams: Rite of Passage Part 4

Chapter 3


I turned walking away as the kid got hit by elemental fire and starting crying out like a bitch. If he lived the elementals testing they would kick his punk ass out into the streets to be left to die from burns and mental break down.

I walked through the crowd and out the back exit wondering how I was going to get out of this without several marks against me on my representation status online.

I pondered all this as I got out my detapad and started looking up new contracts to bid on in the black market assassination guild.

Warm regards


Chapter 3


Shame. I thought there had been something about the boy. I stared down at him as he cried softly in a ball begging for me to stop blasting my emotions at him.

I snarled and spat on him. “Get this piece of shit out of here. I wasted enough time on him.”

I turned and started to walk away. I heard the crying instantly stop and rush of movement behind me. Shit.

I turned firing at the spot he should have been but he evaded my blast and tackled me down and got on top of me rolling me over onto my back and held me down. I tried to buck him off but he held on laughing at my attempts as he held me down.

The man bent down close to my ear. “I want my knife back female. Give it to me and I’ll let your elders believe you’ve bested me. Otherwise I’ll turn your pretty backside over my knee and spank your ass red.”

I stopped fighting and submitted. “Give him the knife. It’s over.”

He quickly got off me inching away as came up to a standing position. I stared at his laughing eyes and the red scar across his chest that looked like a lightning bolt.

Lightning Baby protected her own. Damn. I would need to work hard to turn him to the element of the fire dragon.

He looked at me as a female and I presented myself for his eyes pushing out my chest and letting him get his full view of me. I knew my worth and value.

“I am pleasing to you.”

Christopher shrugged as my father passed to him the knife. I watched his reaction to it and how he handled it with respect and shieved it at his hip holster.

“Your strong and an adult. That’s all that matters to a Namad male. You ready to go.” He asked.

“Go where?” I asked.

“You have to meet my mother. That is if I can find her or the clan before they leave the city.”

I glanced at my father. He nodded but gave me a look. I nodded. I would turn him over to my tribe.

with strong affection



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