Cyberpunk dreams: Rite of Passage Part 3

Chapter 2


I hitched a ride with a couple of travelers as they headed into the city to vacation and sight see. Hank and Jennifer Blues. Two farmers who wanted to take a day vacation in the city for the first time.

Why the fuck they thought that was a good idea was beyond me. You didn’t come to Newark City State for fun you came for work or resources of some kind.

I worked as their guide and gave them some advice on where to stay for the night and park their cruiser and what places to avoid. Hank gave me some clothes, shoes and a bag to carry and we parted ways.

I had went to the last place the tribe was staying to find they had moved on. Damn. They could be gone for the season by now or moved to the other side of the city.

I had to find a job and make my way around. I had no idea how long my passage was going to be but I also had two problems already.

One. Some asshole was following me. I noticed the feeling of being watched or followed when I left the hotel the tribe had been staying. I ignored him trying to lose him in the crowds but the fucker kept on me. Two. Three big shit house thugs were coming up to me from the front. I realized to late he was herding me to them.

I recognized the tattoos on their necks as fire mutant clans. Damn it. I tried to run away but turned into a right cross.

I blinked awake lying on a dirty floor in a hot basement. I took off my shirt as I saw several males around me with glowing dragon eyes all bare chested. Damn.

“What is this?”

I heard female laughter as I turned frowning at a tall buzz cut female dressed in red shorts and chest wrap for her small breasts. Her flaming eyes glowed and sparked with fire.

“It’s a test of will.” She said.

I shook my head. “I’m nomad. I don’t fly with dragons. I ride the roads of fate and lightning.”

She started toward me but circled around her out of her reach. “Funny I don’t see a lightning sword on you and no tribe was walking with you. So it appears your in the market for being available. We’re in the market for an additional member.”

I shook my head. “Not interested and fire doesn’t run in my veins.” I said and dodged to the right as fire came out of her eyes.

She glared at me. “To fucking bad I’m not interested in what you want. I need a body. If you die then you’ll die a nomad baby. If you live then you belong to me.”

I shook my head. “I ain’t your bitch. I’m nomad. No female rules me.”

She smiled. “What’s your name?”

“Christopher Rad. What’s yours?”

“Ruby Ryu. If you live. Your last name will be Ryu. It will be my gift to you.”

I stared at her. “I think your confused about what’s going on. I’m the one claiming you.”

Ruby frowned and blasted my chest with flames…

Warm regards



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