Cyberpunk Dreams: Rite of Passage part 2

Chapter 1: The Mission


I rolled over the job in my head poundering it as Norman Casey sat behind his desk in a short silence after he finished the terms for the job. It was a ridiculous job but hell I had killed a mother and child for less money when I was on hard times coming up still this made less sense to me.

“So do you want me to terminate this boy when he reaches the city or wait until he’s completed this…nomadic quest afterward? Which is it?”

Norman frowned at me. His blue tinted glasses glowed for a second in anger. This was his only show of violent emotion he couldn’t control because of his mutation.

“Again. I want you to put some road blocks in the way of young Mr. Rad from completing his Passage. If and when he fails there will be no need for him to be killed. He will be useless to them. However, if he does complete his passage, yes. You are to terminate him before he unites with his family group or starts his own group. You should understand what he will look and act like if he passes his way into adulthood. You are a man. Correct?”

Norman was pissed alright. I let the insult slide because the man was dangerous as is without his corporate power.

I understood now. But, this made nosense to me. Why the fuck should Norman Casey give a fuck about some street trash nomand boy’s journey into adulthood.

Still I had to ask. “What happens if I kill him before he makes this passage? Will my fee be lowered?”

“You will receive two ebs credits instead of Fifty thousand for the trouble you’ve caused me and a bad report on your representation report. If this job is to troubling for you may get the fuck out now.”

Damn. I had to get out here in one piece. I was stuck in the job. “I’ll take it.” I said raising smoothly and walking to the door.

Norman didn’t say another word as I opened it and walked out.

warm regards



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