The constrains on my time….but the season for my addiction’s arrvial has arrived.

The fucking day job is really eating up my time and my energy for the moment. I can manage one post right a day. It is what it is until my one day off is coming. The busy season of the winter hours. The time to work more and the time to get paid even more still though the time has it’s pluses in different ways beyond the bag.

My addiction has returned. No. Not a 5’5 shorty with a nice dip and shapely backside. She already works full time at my job. Always smiling. Always having that sparkle in her eyes and dreams of tables….

wait a minute. What fuck was I writing about?

Yeah. I remember. The season for the dangerous form of temptation to me alone. I can’t resist.

The chocolate covered payday. Holy shit. Every fucking time around now I see the shit in circulation in the next section of the snack bar at the day job. Now. I remember feeling like shit coming into work on Monday going into the bar for a snack and looking down and freezing in time for a moment.

Holy shit. That fucking brown delightful label. That call back to delious taste budding moments. I have a fantasy of a platter of the payday special being served to me by the shorty at work in a short red KickAss T-shirt and nothing else sitting on a table and serving me a bar with that same sparkle in her eyes.

In that moment when I taste chocolate covered peanuts comfort & joy in my mouth. I sigh then I think. Life is good. I got my seasonal bonus holiday payday.

Warm regards



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